Harper and his Conservative government seem to think all Canadians are stupid, and see it as an opportunity.

Once again they are irresponsibly rushing a piece of broken legislation through parliament and think that by slapping an appealing name on it, that Canadians aren’t intelligent enough to see what’s happening.

We’ve seen it time and time again with items like these:

The “Safe Streets and Communities Act” (that contains measures that arguably make our streets and communities less safe and at great cost)
  • The “Copyright Modernization Act” (which contained measures that make modern innovation difficult and criminalizes common usage of media owned by consumers)

The “Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act” (which had absolutely nothing to do with children or predators and everything to do with the reckless expansion of surveillance without accountability)

…and now…

  • The “Fair Elections Act” (which contains measures that reduce oversight on elections, reduce voter turnout and suppress voters of certain demographics who may be “coincidentally” unlikely to vote Conservative).

Being in politics means you have an idea to sell and that you have to market it in the best light, but this is beyond insulting.

Not only are we all capable of reading proposed legislation and seeing how it’s flawed, each of these pieces of legislation contain some things we actually do want. Rather than working with opposition parties and critics to pass the things that are helpful, they would rather force an “all-or-nothing” attitude, seize political opportunity and accuse those who are not supportive of being the bad guys.

At this point, I don’t really expect much respect from a party that has repeatedly ignored science, evidence, the wishes of most of the population, and the rules and principles of the democratic process itself.

Like many Canadians, I’m blown away by the things the Conservative party seems to be able to do in broad daylight without repercussion. They have become a parody of themselves.

The only question I have left for the Harper Conservatives now is this: Why stop there?

You seem to enjoy misleading Canadians without batting an eye. Clearly you could get away with so much more.

Here’s a couple suggestions:

  • The Keep Wages In Your Pocket Act”: Require an immediate 90% tax on all incomes earned in Canada, the proceeds of which are deposited evenly across the personal bank accounts of Conservative Party cabinet ministers and MPs

“The Protecting Children From Abduction Act”: Require that every second child born to a family is taken by government officials and forced to work for their meals, manufacturing “Economic Action Plan” marketing materials
  • The Safer Streets and Highways Act”: Remove all industrial regulation across the country and order two tonnes of caviar for your cabinet every year. (Let’s make sure to limit debate on this one, how dare opposition parties stand in the way of making our highways safer?)

“The Protect Canada From Political Tyrants Act”: Simply legislate everything you’ve been doing since taking office into law.

Then again, maybe you could just call bills what they are. You’re not interested in debating them anyway.


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